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CPC Water Delivery Fees for 2018/2019
In setting water delivery fees for the 2018/19 season, the CPC Board has reviewed the Company’s performance for the 2017/2018 financial year and taken into consideration a number of factors influencing its operations and its shareholders’ interests.
The key issues in setting prices for the coming year are: -
Power Pricing Impact on Water Delivery Costs.
As mentioned at the last Annual General Meeting by our Chairman Ian Martens, CPC has experienced significant power price increases over the past 3 years. CPC has recently entered into a new 2-year power supply contract which will come into effect on 1 January 2019. Pricing in the first year of the new agreement is marginally better than our existing agreement. The second-year rate are much more favorable although they do not come into effect until 1 January 2020 and accordingly do not impact on the coming financial year.
To offset power costs, CPC implemented several SARMS projects all of which are now fully operational. The projects have been successful in improving system performance and reducing power usage by around 10-15%. CPC will continue to explore options to provide a cost effective water delivery system that is reliable and meets the shareholder’s needs.
Asset Replacement Fund.
CPC’s infrastructure, whilst still relatively young in useful life is starting to show the impact of constant operational activity. There remains a need to ensure CPC accumulates sufficient funds for asset replacement in the future, which is crucial to the systems longevity and continued ability to operate efficiently and cost effectively to meet shareholder needs.
An independent report by IPMG has indicated CPC should aim to set aside $300,000 annually from retained earnings to provide a fund for future asset replacements and refurbishments.
With the above issues in mind, we have been able to maintain current pricing as is for both Peak and Off Peak periods for the coming year. The 2018/19 prices are set out in the following table together with tables of prices since commencement in 2009/10.

Water Delivery Fees (GST exclusive) 2018-2019 will be as tabled below.

CPC Peak take charges 2009 - 2019 are charted below.



CPC Off Peak take charges 2009 - 2019 are charted below

*All fees exclusive of GST*

One and One Third Flow and Volume Access
The provision of one and one third flow and volume in use for the past seven irrigation seasons has allowed irrigators access to higher flows and volumes in periods of high water demand. These flexible water access conditions have proved very helpful particularly in periods of extreme heat.
CPC will endeavor to supply the expanded flows for the entire 2018/19 Peak period, however we are unable to guarantee 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to this flow, due to potential unforeseen circumstances such as power outages and breakdowns. These expanded access conditions are reviewed on an annual basis and their availability for future seasons beyond 2018/19 cannot be guaranteed.
Shareholders and customers should keep in mind that whilst we chlorinate at various times during the year to maintain a clean piping infrastructure, water delivered is Non-Potable and therefore is not suitable for human consumption.
Notices for the company’s 20 November 2018 Annual General Meeting and Extension Agreements papers will be forwarded to all shareholders early September.
If you have any enquiries regarding these or other matters please do not hesitate to contact me on 08 8537 3266.

Mike Reynolds
General Manager
The Creeks Pipeline Company Ltd




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